Coat of Arms and Surname History Frame

Coat of Arms and Surname History Frame

Manufacturer: A1 Personalised

The Coat of Arms and Surname History is our most popular product, and we have more than a million surnames available! Everyone likes to discover the story of their own name. We print the Coat of Arms and Surname History onto a high-quality A3 parchment scroll.

With a full colour rendition of the name’s the earliest coat of arms features at the top of the scroll and it also includes a lengthy history of the surname. The coat of arms is the oldest one we have on record for the surname. It includes the motto (if there is one), family crest, shield and surname. If there is a motto, this is usually in Latin and at the bottom of the scroll you will find a translation of it.

With attention to detail, the surname history is extensively researched and includes fascinating facts and intriguing details about your chosen surname. You’ll discover the origin of the name, plus spelling variations. It also includes the early movements of the family, lands owned by the family and first migrants to the New World.

It also includes notable bearers of the name from past and present. Find out also if any passengers with your surname were on board the fated “Titanic”. Were any of your ancestors were sent as convicts to Australia?!

Beautiful border graphics complement the coat of arms and related to the name’s country of origin. Each surname history scroll comes with an individual certificate number and a gold seal. In addition, a bibliography of sources used in the research is in print on the reverse. These are a real talking point, and the perfect gift or keepsake to celebrate a family name.

- The ultimate personalised gift – a real talking point!
- Features the earliest coat of arms relating to the name
- Discover all about the name’s history
- Available unframed or framed and ready to hang on the wall, all frame colours are shown in the second image.


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